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Major & Minor Triads Exercises & Songs

African Music by Baka Beyond 

Use the following tracks to practice your major and minor triads

Click for Spirit of The Forest - Ebm,  Db 

Click for Slow Dance - C,  G,  F,  C

Click for Sogo - Bm, G, A

Click for Illa Dhuinn - C#m, B (try triplets)

Click for Baka Play - F and... ?

Click for Air Play by Outback - D#

Blues Funk Music 

Try to find the right key to play triads for these 2 songs in this track

Song 1 - 15.00 - 20.00 

Song 2 - 20.30 - 25.48

Latin American mixed Music by Prisma

Find the triads in this track

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