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"My instructor loves music, is passionate & an entertaining guitar teacher. Most of all clear and driven to teach you his instrument the correct way. 5 lessons in cant wait for more. Thanks."


"My instructor is an awesome teacher who engages one's interest in different styles of music to teach guitar. Through his infectious love of music and his personal experience as a musician, he gives excellent guidance on one's journey with guitar music. I've learned a lot from him and I'm really encouraged by our lessons to continue my relationship with the guitar and get better at it to play the songs that I love!"

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Manit's Mom Mrs Singh

"We were having a tough time finding a teacher who did not go by the book but at the same time taught the subject and Rupak did fit this bill very well. He balances his class with encouragement, indulgence as well as discipline. We are happy that our son is loving and enjoying his guitar."

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