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Course is accessible on mobile or on a desktop with an internet connection


This online video course will teach you simple and powerful techniques to read, write, sing and play music rhythms found in music scores. The course contains detailed explanations, musical dictations, practice exercises & progress tests designed to help you save time, money and make learning music rhythms easier. Suitable for all ages, all instruments and people who want to understand and share musical ideas with other musicians. Accessible anytime on mobile or desktop with an internet connection.


  • Different types of musical rhythms and their rests

  • To understand measure, bar, staff & common terminology

  • How to sync your hands and feet with music

  • Learn from 53 videos averaging 8 mins a video 

Whole, Half & Quarter Rhythms 1

Whole, Half & Quarter

Learn to master the music rhythms of whole, half & quarter notes with your instrument

Read & Play Music Rhythms 2

8th Note Clichés

Learn to master the music rhythms of 8th note clichés with your instrument

Read & Play Music Rhythms 3

8th Note Rests

Master the rhythms of 8th Note Rests in music with your instrument

Read & Play Music Rhythms 4

Dotted Notes 4

Master the Rhythms of dotted notes in music with your instrument

Read & Play Music Rhythms 5

Tying Notes

Master how to tie notes in music with your instrument

Read & Play Music Rhythms

16th Notes & Tying 16ths

Master the rhythms of 16th notes & tying 16ths in music with your instrument

Read & Play Music Rhythms 7

Dotted 8th & Triplets

Master the rhythms of dotted 8th & triplets in music with your instrument

Read & Play Music Rhythms 8

Tying, Dotted, Triplets & Pitch

Master the rhythms of tying, dotted, triplets & take a pitch crash course with your instrument

Read & Play Music Rhythms Full Series

Learn all the common music rhythms

Learn how to master the rhythms of music with your instrument


"We're mostly going to cover rhythm in this course because I believe you can have a really good rhythm without a melody but you cannot have a really good melody without a good rhythm behind it. So the basis of good music is going to be rhythm." 

Seth is a multi instrumental rhythm master from Louisiana USA. He plays guitar, piano, keyboard, flute, sings & produces music in a wide variety of genres like Rock n Roll, Blues, Funk, Samba, Bossa Nova and more. He has been performing, composing and recording music in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, USA and Brazil for over 10 years. He collaborates with many different artists and bands both in live shows and in the studio. He is currently travelling South East Asia writing a new album and working on a guitar theory book. Watch a video or listen to his music from the links below.


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