Learning how to play guitar is for everybody. No talent required and we accept all ages.



Private Class 


SGD $ 70


1 on 1

Flexible Schedule

4 class Promo 

SGD $ 60 * 4 = SGD $ 240


1 on 1

Complete within 5 weeks


SGD $ 50 * 4 = SGD $ 200


2 or more

Complete within 5 weeks


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Mon, Tue or Thu - 20:00




Mon - Fri: 11.00 - 20.00




Mon - Sun


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"My instructor loves music, is passionate & an entertaining guitar teacher. Most of all clear and driven to teach you his instrument the correct way. 5 lessons in cant wait for more. Thanks."


"My instructor is an awesome teacher who engages one's interest in different styles of music to teach guitar. Through his infectious love of music and his personal experience as a musician, he gives excellent guidance on one's journey with guitar music. I've learned a lot from him and i'm really encouraged by our lessons to continue my relationship with the guitar and get better at it to play the songs that i love!"

Manit's Mom Mrs Singh

"We were having a tough time finding a teacher who did not go by the book but at the same time taught the subject and Rupak did fit this bill very well. He balances his class with encouragement, indulgence as well as discipline. We are happy that our son is loving and enjoying his guitar."



If you are not satisfied with your course purchase within 30 days, you can request for a full refund less transaction fees. No questions asked.



Gift the joy of learning guitar to a loved one with a gift voucher for valentines day, a birthday, anniversary, Christmas present or any special occasion. Choose the number of classes and add a personal message.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm a beginner at guitar and I have no music knowledge. Is that ok?

Perfectly fine. Learning guitar is EASY and it is for everyone. 


2. Do I need to bring a guitar for class?


No. We have guitars which you can use at our venue.


3. Should I buy a guitar and what type of guitar should I buy?

You have to buy one if you are serious about learning. Click here to discover my suggestions to get a good classical or acoustic guitar for a discounted price with a free bag.

4.  Do i need to commit to a certain number of classes for the private lesson? 


No. Take as many as you want whenever you want. We do have a package deal for 4 classes where you can save $10 off each class provided you finish all 4 classes within 5 weeks. 

5. How flexible is the class timing and dates?

Flexible. Choose your preferred timing and day and we can fix a mutually convenient schedule accordingly. 

6. What is a suitable frequency for taking classes? 

Once a week is good to start with. Frequency can be changed according to the preference of the student. 

7. How long will it take before I can play a song? 
Fundamentals have to be trained first so you know how to hold and play the guitar with good technique. With some practice after the 2nd or 3rd class you will start playing a first song.
8. Is there any GST or extra charges on top of the class fee?
9. How long are classes?

50 - 60 mins. Classes are designed to learn good techniques and have fun learning songs.

10. How can I pay for classes? 

Cash after class, or mobile app DBS paylah or bank transfer before class. 

11. How can I gift guitar classes to my loved one?

You can gift guitar lessons by dropping us a message in the contact form to let us know how many classes and estimated date range.

12. Can I know more about the head teacher?

Sure you can find out more about our head teacher at Newton here.

Learning how to play guitar is for everybody. No talent is required and we accept all ages. Learning guitar will develop a meaningful relationship in discovering the self. It encourages you to access artistic parts of the brain, develop concentration, patience and a better understanding of time. Learn music online or learn guitar with one of our patient and friendly guitar teachers for an affordable price. No sign up fees and no minimum classes. Flexible schedule for beginners, intermediate & advanced students of all ages




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